Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag Tips and Basic Gameplay

Love the different exciting elements of online RPGs, but with the simplicity of tapper or slashing games? Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag is a popular game that you can try and download via Android and iOS. If you are familiar with the anime series and have been waiting for this game for months, then you’re in luck as Kirito is finally ready to journey with friends and allies to escape the virtual world.

sword art online memory defrag

Unlock ultra-rare allies and beat foes in awesome battles. Here is our list of tips to help you decide if this game is for you or you’re better off playing something else.

Follow the tutorial!

This game has quite a tutorial that you must pay attention to. However, don’t fret because it only mostly involves swiping from right to left or tapping. You’ll learn about the different types of characters and variations as you go along. You’ll definitely get used to it after just a few minutes from the game.

Start with a good unit!

There are different two types of Kirito units to work on. Like any other games of the same genre, each type of unit has unique characteristics that you can take advantage of. If you have been playing similar games in the past, then surely you must know about affinity concepts. Water-Fire-Earth-Darkness-etc. these are attributes that your chosen Kirito/character will have. Take note of these concepts when choosing characters to complete your team.

Complete quests!

RPGs like SOA progress by mission/quest completion. Take on missions that your characters are capable of doing at the moment and slowly progress to much tougher ones after playing a while. You will be able to handle more difficult quests when you have upgraded each of your heroes, so save up whatever items, event points, and game currency you earn or completing these tasks for upgrades later on.

Each mission will allow you to incur event points that you can use to earn gears to improve your game.

Upgrade regularly!

Completing missions and quests helps you accumulate shards and other items needed for upgrade and this is one of the most important factors in your game. If you want to beat higher-level enemies and bosses, you’ll need to up your characters’ skills and abilities, as well as their weapons and armours.

There is a grid for each character that lets you review their current abilities. Always refer to this to know which element to level-up next. You’ll want a combination of characters that will provide you with the power to deal damage and defence to protect you against different types of attacks.

Equip your characters with the right weapons.

Improve your damage by using weapons and armours that magnify your characters’ attributes. Use appropriate gears for each of your characters for optimum performance.

Learn to block, dodge, and switch skills!

Don’t attack head-on. An important skill to practice is dodging/blocking enemy attacks. Anticipate your enemy’s moves as most, if not all of them follow a specific attack sequence. Take note of their stances and the order of their attack. Also, some fiends will give off a telling glow right before attacking, but don’t rely on this too much. It is always best to wait, dodge, and hit. Don’t forget to switch skills before attacking to deal even more damage than usual. Also, try to avoid getting stunned by keeping an eye on the pink meter after a successful block.

That’s all for our basic Sword Art Online Memory Defrag guide! Check back for updates about the game and don’t forget to share your tips and secrets on the comments below!